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Who we are

The Zacheo company was founded in 1921 as a family business, and it became Zacheo Oleovinicola GIZ LTD in 1980.

In 1975 the first plant for the transformation of grapes into wine was set up and in 1979 the first pressure system plant was set up, to press the olives and produce virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. Currently the Zacheo Company is engaged in the production and processing of grapes and olives and has a 5,000 square metre area in Carpignano Salentino that hosts wine and olive oil factories together with a sales point. The factories are located at the exit of the town going towards Castrignano dei Greci, and can be easily reached from Otranto (13 km) and from the surrounding seaside towns, Torre dell’Orso, Roca, San Foca, Frassanito e Laghi Alimini (7 km).

Other sales points are located in Martano, via A. Stampacchia, no.2 and in Maglie, Via A. Giannuzzi , no.14, both 15 km from Otranto and 25 km from Santa Cesarea Terme.

All the sales points are well stocked with the company’s products, both wine in bulk and bottled wine for retail. We also deliver to Italy and abroad.

The Zacheo company is located in an important wine making region and produces excellent wines. 30% of the grapes used are their own while the remaining 70% are purchased from wine-growing areas of Salento, such as Negroamaro, Malvasia, Primitivo, White Malvasia, Chardonnay and Trebbiano, chosen by the owners when they reach full ripeness; The cultivation of the vineyards is carefully controlled, from pruning to ripeness, to harvest and finally to vinification. This takes place in stainless steel silos that are temperature-controlled, under the supervision of the managers and owners of the Lecce based winery. Grapes undergo a special selection process, where the native varieties are separated individually to keep the organoleptic characteristic of each type of wine intact.

With precise workmanship and refinement technique, the highest quality of grapes are chosen, processed into wine and then bottled.

Maglie store
Carpignano Salentino store
Martano store