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Salento is a generous land, known for its excellence in producing olive oil and wine. The Zacheo Company is a leader in both oil and wine production, with a variety of products that cover all the Salento traditions: Negroamaro, Malvasia and Primitivo, red wines, rosé and white wines – first class wines to accompany every dish and satisfy every palate.

These are typical products of Salento, which reflect the history of a society based on simplicity and on the richness of the farmer’s code.


The Zacheo Company began in 1921 as a family-run wine and olive oil enterprise. Over the course of almost a century, it has established itself in the olive oil and wine market in Lecce and in Salento. We have been harvesting crops for 95 years and every year we are happy to add one more step to our history, satisfied in the knowledge that the fruits of our experience can be felt on the palate and touched by hand.

We have always produced oil and wine with the same passion, so that only the best of our wonderful land reaches our customers’ tables.



At the Zacheo company, we love to use the word “authenticity” when referring to the production of our oil and wine, both typical products of the Lecce area. Every phase of production respects the authentic experience of the Salento tradition, passed down from generation to generation to this day. It is a symbol of quality guarantee and represents both  identity and belonging.

Each product retains the authenticity of a wise and ancient approach, placing them amongst the main players of the competitive international scenario.



Our wine is one of the main typical products of Salento and its variants are protected by the Protected Geographical Indication mark. The PGI mark is reserved for those wines made exclusively from grapes grown in the vineyards of Salento and recognized in the provinces of Lecce, Brindisi and Taranto.
The production of wine in Salento is rich with identity and folklore. It transmits a sense of place and bears witness to the excellence and history of its homeland.
Our wines cover a number of different varieties, each produced with care, dedication and passion, so that all tastes can be satisfied.



Our oil is not only of gastronomic excellence, but it is a real identity marker for Salento, rich with symbolic meaning and stories. The olive trees are the most characteristic feature of the Salentine landscape. They trace the coast of the peninsula and are the custodians of values and beliefs that are rooted in the earth, rooted in the ancient memory of the local farming culture, which can live on today through folklore and tradition. The oil we produce is the guardian of an ancient history. It is both a part of the narrative and the narrator itself, strongly sustaining the local identity and its heritage. Oil production in Lecce and in Salento represents both the history and the future of a territory and its people. It draws from the past and looks forward with strength and awareness.


Tradition and Innovation

The soul of Salento is expressed in the flavours of our oil and the varied scents of our wine. We use modern techniques for winemaking and for the production of oil, but we respect the methods and authenticity of the past, as every year we renew the values of an ancient history


As with oil, wine production is also a strong symbol for the Salento region, with characteristic vineyards that enrich the landscape of the province, from Lecce to Brindisi. It represents a leading sector in the local economy. The vast constellation of cellars are recognized nationally and internationally for the high quality of their wine varieties, which are sought after by wine experts.


The flavour, colour and aroma of extra virgin olive oil varies depending on the type of olive, the place of cultivation of the olive trees, the degree of the fruit’s ripening and, in particular, the type of method used for the olive harvest. This has a profound affect on the quality of the oil, and strongly determines whether it can be classified extra virgin or not.